Some interesting information about our property and various options of how to use or buy into it, will arrive soon.  However, if you have any questions whatsoever about our 38 GLORIOUS acres, please write or call Ken: 845-358-6448






We are very open for new adventures, new creative happenings, new structures of whatever style but recognizing legal regulations).  I’m totally into “GREEN.”  Even a farm, if interested,  as we are legally okay for that,  Just TRY us!


A NEW POST of still valid information:

Are you looking for a place to call your own high in the cool Catskill mountains, away from the City and Indian Nuclear Point, with three acres where you could grow your own food with raised garden beds, have some chickens, rabbits, etc, along with really fresh well water, with much wood for wood stove heating, and close by The Point of Infinity Retreat Center, where like-minded “spiritual” folk attempt to give each other mutual support to live a sustainable life style?

    The, what follows MIGHT be for you.

    Two 3-Acre Parcels for Sale

    1. The Point of Infinity Retreat Center comprises about 38 acres of majestic woods,
           with many structures, including the main house, 2 log cabins, a geodesic garden
           dome, a dormitory-style housing building, 2 seasonal bathhouses, a 40 foot RV,
           an outdoor pavilion, along with many hiking paths on top of a mountain.

    2. A subdivision could create two 3-acre lots with the remaining 32 acres for the Center.

    3. To accomplish this and have marketable parcels, two people would be needed
           to purchase one lot apiece, for about $30,000 each.

    4. Each potential owner would offer a “down payment” of about $7,500, with intent to purchase lot.
           With this money a survey and hopefully, a subdivision would receive approval.
           (If no approval is forthcoming, the “down payment” is fully refunded).
          (These site plans would include site designs for a house, well, sceptic, and driveway).

    5. With #4 approved, a mortgage would be drawn up for the remainder of the sale price,
           namely, $22,500, with 3% interest, over two years; or, paid in full immediately.

    6. The “vacant land tax” would be approximately $350-400/year.  Once “improvements”
           are made, eg., house (whether a regular one, dome, yert, log house,
           cordwood,etc.), well, sceptic, driveway, etc., then the taxes would be higher.

    7. See the 38 Acre Map of The Point of Infinity Retreat Center, along with the two
           3-acre parcel locations.


    8. If interested, call Ken Pollinger at 845-358-6448; or email:
           to arrange a day visit or a sleep over.