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PRICE LIST FOR RENTALS (Airbnb Listings); Private Placement also at or 845-358-6448






is a HYBRID of a permanent CO-HOUSING
community along with AIRBNB LODGINGS.
   The Main House is a 2,000 sq ft lodging with
full service kitchen, five bedrooms and two baths.
please see PHOTOS of all lodging possibilities,
just click onto whatever interests you.
1) Main House “Room with a View”         
2) 30′ Motorhome “Paradise”                   
3) Log Cabin #1                                            
4) Log Cabin #2                                            
5) Dual 
6) 34′ RV                                                        
7) Affordable Catskills Retreat Center     
8) Rustic Renovate Dormitory Guesthou
9) Camping (to come soon)
Some Airbnb REVIEWS of the above lodging Opportunities

1) Dual Cabins-


July 2020
My family loved our stay at the cabins! The cabins are located in a beautiful area, surrounded by beautiful trees and an incredible view of the night sky. It’s close to many beautiful parks and trails. Ken was very accommodating of our large group, and even offered to wash our dishes in the main kitchen area. It was a perfect weekend getaway.
2) Renovated Dormitory Guesthouse #1-


July 2020
My friends and I were looking for a nice relaxing getaway and when our other Airbnb didn’t go as planned, Jeff answered my message and got us booked in the same night within the hour. The Point exceeded what we were hoping for during our trip to the Catskills and we are so thankful we got to spend the last few days here. The grounds were amazing and the location was perfect distance from multiple sites and adventures. I will definitely be recommending this place to people and hope to return in the near future to experience everything else The Point has to offer.
3) Renovated Dormitory Guesthouse #2-


July 2020
If you are looking for relaxation in the woods, Ken’s place is a perfect haven. The guesthouse is quite comfortable for a family or even multiple families. My family enjoyed meeting various long-term habitants of the land and they were all truly kind. Ken is very accommodating and does make you feel at home from the beginning to the end. We stayed a month and we surely will miss the gem.
4) Rustic Catskills Log Cabin #1-


October 2020
Point of infinity is a splendid retreat for those seeking to recharge their mind and body through the healing power of nature. It’s clear that this is a labor of love for owners Jeff and Ken, who have done a wonderful job creating an inviting space. The cabin was clean and charming, the bed divine, and there’s a fire pit to keep warm in the cold October night. There a lot of history here, and we would return for future visits!
5) Rustic Catskills Log Cabin #1-


September 2020
This was my second time staying at this property, first time in the cabin. The cabin was just darling. It was so nice to enjoy Labor Day weekend without being surrounded by hoards of people. Everyone we met was really nice and personable. The cabin was everything we needed. I could have spent days sitting on the front porch listening to nature and enjoying the peace and quiet. If love to stay again. Super unique experience in the Catskills!
6) Rustic Catskills Log Cabin #1-


July 2020
Space was as described, a nice rustic get away from city life. Surrounded by nature, expect to live more naturally and free. The grounds had many different living quarters and interesting spiritual buildings such as a sweat lodge and a green house. Everyone who lives on the property was as inviting as a relative that you’ve known for your whole life. Ken (the owner) is one of the most upbeat and hospitable humans I’ve ever met, he alone ensured that I will be returning to spend more time in this great space.
7) Rustic Catskills Log Cabin #1-


May 2020
If you’re looking for nature and a cozy cabin then this is it. It gives the exact nature getaway one can look for. With that said, the bathrooms are a 45 second walk from the cabins. They are clean outhouses with a shower. The town is about a 6 minute drive with a grocery store and other nice local shops. There are beautiful overlooks about 6-8 min up from town. Also, Minnewaska is about a 20-25 minute drive. Ken is a funny, easy going guy who does everything to make your stay comfortable. I’d definitely come back.
8)  Country Log Cabin in the Catskills #2-


July 2020
My friend and I stayed in a cabin and it was incredible. Kenneth was so quick with messaging and super welcoming when we arrived. The cabin itself was very clean and it had all of the amenities we needed to make simple meals. There was a lot to explore on the property (trails, fire pits, etc.) and also so much to do within a quick driving distance. It was such a calming environment, perfect for a relaxing time in nature with some really nice people. The entire vibe was amazing and we will definitely be going back!

(See Main House under Facilities)



 The GUESTHOUSE has many options for rental purposes. (See GUESTHOUSE under Facilities)

GREAT for MEET-UP Groups, with special arrangements.


Note below there is a Far-Red Detoxification Sauna, whereby one sweats from 2 inches WITHIN because of the ultraviolet rays penetrating the body, and not just externally as in a regular sauna (the photo to the left below behind the queen bed).  Sessions are usually one hour and the charge is negotiable, depending on the number of folks using it at the same time.  GREAT DETOX!



   NOTE:  For LARGER groups/schools/corporations/etc. we can COMBINE many of our structures together to accommodate about 20-22 people

Lodge + 2 log cabins + RV + Motor Home + camping + Main House (cubbies), especially during spring, summer and fall, with open bathhouses.













Please review the approximate FLOOR PLAN of our gorgeous Motor Home:

Ford 32′-7″ Class C Motorhome



See RV/MotorHome under  Facilities)



        Generally $30/nite/tent; 2 nite min (May 15th to Oct 15 with seasonal bathhouses: but can camp at                     other  times upon request and approval)



                                                        RETREATS             RETREATS


The Point of Infinity hosts various retreats throughout the year. Some are created by the POINT and some are from outside hosts who either rent the Retreat Center; OR, who lead a retreat in coordination with the Point.

 Some examples of past retreats:

                  –Fasting/Cleansing Retreats

Meditation and or Yoga Retreats

Healing Retreats

          –R&R Retreats



12/15/2018   IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION:  After watching GreenSmoothieGirl (GreenSmoothieGirl Detox)

 especially Class #3, I’d like to recommend that you watch it and consider joining her Detox Program.
  at The Point of Infinity Retreat Center
        in the Catskills
Dates: Starts FRIDAY _________and goes 5 or 7 or more days.
           Arrive by 11 a.m., hopefully fasting already
           Departure: Depends, usually about 3 p.m.
Cost: Rustic Lodging, Community-like setting
          (Two outdoor seasonal hot/cold water bathhouses,
             with sinks, toilets, and showers)
         All individual rooms:
              Two log cabins: $50/nite/cabin
              Motor Home: $50/nite
              One single room: $40/nite
              Three Dormitory-Style individual rooms: $30/nite each
              Camping: $20 (many possibilities)
              Share living room, all outdoor spaces, pavilion, mountain trails., etc.
Limited to 10 participants, for personalized lodging. A MINIMUM OF 6 IS REQUIRED.
Type of Fast:  Beginning with Veggie Broth, followed by water fast or watermelon for those so inclined, or other depending on one’s needs.
Various experiences;
   -meditation (group or individual)
   -awareness circles
   -spiritual reading
   -fast/slow walks
   –dreamwork a la Gestalt
   –possible polarity healing sessions
   -38 acres of forest hiking
   -self-healing techniques
   -zen of deep relaxation
   -possible drumming circles
   -other: to be announced
Tuition: 5 days: $200
            7 days:  $275
            Days added: $30/day
For directions and photos, see:


Deposit: $200 through PayPal
             AND indicate by email whether you prefer 5 or 7 or more days, and your LODGING preferences (first come, first served)
                 Deposit required by _________
Once I know your length of fast preference and your lodging placement, the balance can be paid, again, through PayPal, by __________.    Use my email address at PayPal.
For Questions, etc: or 845-358-6448
Recommended Readings:

The Miracle of Fasting, by Paul Bragg
How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting, by Paavo Airola
Juice Fasting and Detoxification, by Steve Meyerowitz

Also, please review our FOUR new websites:
Here’s to a GREAT fast.
-Purpose of Yoga: Meditation
-Awareness Development
-Mindfulness Yoga
-Zen of Deep Relaxation
-Structural Integration: Rolfing, Gentle Chiropractic, Chakras, 
                                      Meridians, EnergyWork
-Awareness Circles
-Spiritualities (Sumerian, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism,  Egyptian, Greek, 
                        Gnosticism, Enlightenment Studies, Esoteric Astrology)
World-wide Mysticism
-Then What?  
about your desires.



Drumming weekend or retreats also.

-And,  of unusual nature, a TREE CLIMBING weekend or retreat

 Path to the Top of infinity

NOTICE:  A NEW TREEHOUSE will be constructed shortly.  Watch for it.



RETREAT LEADERS are welcomed to suggest/plan and offer retreats with communication/coordination with Ken  845-358-6448








MORE ON RETREATS:  Ken’s EXPERIENCES in Florida and LESSONS learned:

Years ago I used to go to Hollywood, Florida, usually the first two weeks in Dec.

While there I would fast, whether water or veggie broth, and add fast walking on the beach-front boardwalk.
 However, also included would be a deep tissue massage every other night along with a colonic every other night (something every night).
 I would lie on the floor for hours, in great silence, emptying my mind as much as possible, and THEN gentle stretching of every part of the body.  I call it the Zen of Deep relaxation.
 And some serious reading in between, usually some spiritual treatise.
After two weeks I would return looking and feeling 20 years younger, or so my family and friends would say.
I recall those days with wondrous amazement.
I was on track to easily reach 100 or more.  And I wanted to share that experience with others. I did somewhat but not enough for my desires. AND I got off the track!!!
SO . . . here I am, back in the same groove.
Something (Absolute Reality?) has literally taken over my body-mind and led it to do all sorts of unusual things, at all sorts of unusual and regular hours.
 It’s very hard to describe.  A video might be better.  
So, here are some components:
 1. Crucial: FASTING or greatly cut back on food intake. I have found the extra weight (fat) does not allow one to be extremely sensitized to the arising bodily sensations while pursuing what I am talking about.
2. Much SILENCE, along with time to empty the mind (consciousness) as much as possible=can be very difficult!!  Where the hell do our thoughts come from?  Can you STOP having thoughts?  Try it and write me.
3. Utilizing every transformative modalitiy you can imagine or read about (see Growthworks: 150 Transformtive Experiences in a new website: constructed).  HOWEVER, the idea here is SELFHealing, not going to an outside practitioner with high bills, in some cases.
4. Such as:
 a) Foot/Hand/Ear reflexology.
 b) Rolfing the body with your OWN hands/fingers/fists and using other parts of your body for this purpose. for example, one foot can trace the various meridians on the other leg, with great force if done properly; or, the hand can squeeze firmly and at length the soft tissue between the neck and the outside of the shoulder. Released heat and tingling sensations are a sure sign that energy is moving somewhere: watch and be aware! Deeply rubbing the leg and you might find the neck self-adjusting, “unwinding.”
 c) Gentle stretching with MINDFULNESS (see
Full Catastrophe Living; and, Wherever YouGo,There You Are, both by Jon Kabat-Zinn).
This can require many hours as different parts of the body will need more attention than others.  And with more extension, more relaxation.
 d) Combination of gentle (meditative) and fast
walking for needed physical exercise and weight loss.
 e) For me, spiritual reading in between is crucial to bring the whole body-mind-spirit into the picture.  And, for me, the reading of the MYSTICS, adds a dimension that might trigger
some sort of initial awakening experience, a unitive sense of Oneness. See: History of Mysticism, by S. Abhayananda.  Or, obviously, other types of uplifting inspirations.
f) And prayer, continuously desiring that the GRACE of Absolute Consciousness be given to you (even though it has ALREADY been given, if one just identifies with the One and not with the manifestations of Maya).  Shankara, in History of Mysticism, pages 187-196, says much on this subject: highly recommended.
IN SUMMARY, if anyone might be interested in the this type of retreat, PLEASE notify me to be placed on a WAITING LIST.  When a sufficient number has been reached, I will contact you with more info and details.