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A NEW website was just created: where MUCH info is posted about the famous Anunnaki and Nibiru (The 12th Planet) that was researched by Zecharia Sitchin from the Sumerian clay Tablets and Seals. Daily BLOGS are available. (a new website concerning everything about the Nyack, NY,  NEW AGE CENTER. Please explore it all there for some great information (Retreat Center in Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica).  Click onto Host-a-retreat or Vacation Rentals for 4 excellent short DRONE Videos     Also: 541-701-9147 Dr. Erin Pollinger, D.C. (Bethel, CT)   Also: 203-788-0935 (for in-depth historical summaries of the construction/development of Ken’s trips and building projects at Tierra Sagrada, New Age Center in Nyack, and Point of Infinity Retreat Center in the Catskills, NY), and more. Ken: 845-358-6448        For Paul at Point: 845-647-3625 (for a NEW fantastic developing community in Costa Rica)

Recommended BOOKS:

1. The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin. This book, along with the Wars of Gods and Men, are foundational. 12 other books follow, especially Lost Realms (about the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs)

2. The Creature from Jekyll Island, by E. Griffin, all about the creation of the Federal Reserve and how WW1 and WW2 was financed. Mind blower!

3. The Self-Aware Universe, by Amit Goswami,
best intro to quantum physics, methinks. Plus 4 others by him.

4. History of Mysticism, by S. Abhayananda.
A MUST for enlightenment!!

Videos: with Brien
Foerster. Fascinating videos of Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, etc. Paracas Skulls, etc. Up to date circles, usually May-August in England.

Financial Scouts:
(Mike Maloney and his exceptional educational videos about MONEY and Finances) Christ Martenson, and his The Crash Course. FREE Daily Digest

Jim Rickards, with his three HOT books and constant analyses. Amazon him, if you wish.
The Road to Ruin is his latest.