Every Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend the Point of Infinity and the Caretaker Society hosts a community gathering, members of the Native and non native community come together  for sweat lodge, rights of passage and more.  

The sweat lodge ceremony is one of the most common ceremonies practiced by Native American people. Sweats may be conducted as a preliminary to other activities, such as a fast.

Sweats may also be done for healing. The purpose behind all of these, however, is simple spiritual cleansing. The lodge is designed to provide a safe, sacred place where the participants can concentrate on the spirits that are invited to the ceremony. These spirits are brought in with the ‘grandfathers’, which are the stones that are heated in the fire.


Splashing water on the grandfathers creates steam,
and we then have all four elements present in the lodge: earth below, air around, fire in the grandfathers and water in the steam.


We usually have 3 or 4 sweats per weekend. We share meals play music and enjoy each others company.
 Come step out of time and participated in this nourishing human experience.


For Paul Tobin: